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Five Week Group Programme

Food For Thought

Food For Thought is an all-inclusive healthy eating and lifestyle group programme for adults, brought to you by Kerry McLeod, a Registered Dietitian and founder of P-Nut. P-Nut groups provide a safe and supportive environment for people to learn and share experiences and ideas. Participants will not be weighed from week to week. Although some people may be attending as part of their weight loss journey, the focus of the group is on HEALTH GAIN as opposed to weight loss. Food For Thought encourages healthy behaviours that promote a healthy mind and relationship with food, as well as a healthy body.


No extremes here - it’s all about finding balance.


Kerry aims to simplify nutrition by:

  • Going back to basics

  • Debunking the myths

  • Offering evidence-based nutritional information

  • Offering tools and strategies to support you to live a healthier and happier life


What’s involved?


Food For Thought is made up of five 1 hour sessions, delivered weekly, over 5 weeks. Below is a brief summary of what will be covered over the 5-week programme:


Debunking the myths – There is a wealth of information on nutrition out there, which can make it very difficult to determine the facts from opinions. Social media has bred self-proclaimed ‘experts’, making this even more challenging. Group participants will be asked to send in their biggest nutrition questions and concerns. In a group, we will discuss some of the ‘nutribollocks’ that’s out there and Kerry will debunk the myths!

What is healthy eating? – Through a detailed look at the Eatwell Guide, participants will learn about what makes up a healthy diet. Information on the importance of each food group and it’s role in health will be provided, along with information on recommended portions per day and recommended portion sizes for each food group.

Navigating food labels – We will look at all the information found on a food label from nutritional information to nutrition claims and marketing techniques. Participants will learn about the traffic light system in detail – why it’s useful but also, it’s limitations.


Food and mood – Participants will learn about how what we eat impacts our mood. For many of us, what we eat is influenced by how we feel; some people may reduce their intake, others may eat more. In a group, we will explore this further, and Kerry will offer tools and strategies that can be used to manage emotions in a more helpful way.


Setting up for success – Change is difficult. Even when we know what is best for us, change is very difficult! We will explore this further and participants will learn about tools that can be helpful in setting up for success and maintaining motivation.


Kerry aims to simplify nutrition by going back to basics, debunking the myths and offering evidence-based nutritional information, tools, and strategies to support you to live a healthier and happier life.


Who is the programme for?

Adults over 18 years old


Liverton Opticians

26 Charles Street


NP20 1JT


Every Saturday from

8th June - 6th July 2019

Time to be confirmed

Each session will last 1 hour


£50 per person

That’s £10 per session!

The group has a maximum of 10 spaces available, providing a safe and supportive environment for people to learn and share experiences and ideas.


Contact Kerry for more information or to book.